Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers

2020 / 46′ / Hong Kong

This day went down in history as the day Hong Kong freedom fighters stormed the legislative council and in the assembly hall delivered the Hong Kong Protest Manifesto for the first time.

July 1, 2019. Twenty-two years before on the same day, Hong Kong was handed over to Communist China. Numerous marches had been held over the past three months where as many as two million people took to the street to call for the withdrawal of the Extradition Bill, which would allow for suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial. Despite all that, and that one brave soul took his life in protest, the government did not withdraw the bill, and peaceful protests were met with brutal crackdowns. On that night before, pro-police rally participants went so far as to confront mourners and trash the improvised memorial for the first martyr of the protest.

This documentary has been directed by the group Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers, who prefer to stay anonymous for fear of potential government retaliation.