30_____70 DOC FEST

international documentaries
Italian premières
directors under 35

30_____70 DOC FEST is the first Italian boutique festival dedicated to films between 30 and 70 minutes in length, by authors under 35 at their first or second work, who use the language of cinema as a tool for research, training and cultural disclosure. All the selected films will be screened for the first time in Italy.

30_____70 DOC FEST was created to become an excellence in the field of international documentary through the selection of films and the launch of young directors with a promising future.

30_____70 DOC FEST was born with the aim of creating a unique festival in Europe, capable of bringing contemporary films and films by very young authors to their first or second work in Italy for the first time. The initiative aims to enrich the cultural offer of the municipality of Vittorio Veneto through an event that uses the language of cinema as a means of entertainment, information and cultural aggregation.

The festival was born from the working group that created and developed Lago Film Fest, which is an international festival of independent cinema and expanded creativity. For 17 years has brought hundreds of films and artists from all over the world and an audience of over 10,000 spectators to the small village of Lago at each edition.

WHY 30_____70?

In the time span between 30 and 70 minutes a dense film production of the highest level and great creative freshness is hidden. They are documentaries, the most viewed genre in the world, medium-length films (in technical jargon): longer short films and shorter feature films. Between 30 and 70 minutes we also find the average duration of the entertainment content enjoyed on the main streaming platforms. An important fact that confirms how this format is super contemporary.


The aspiration of 30_____70 DOC FEST is to become the landing place in Italy of the best documentary avant-garde in the world, giving way to directors under 35 to be able to present their works in a festival that makes stylistic and thematic research its main vocation. The selected works will have a total duration of between 30 and 70 minutes, in order to favour the diffusion in Italy of those short-term films that cannot be distributed in theaters. The selected works must have an Italian preview and be as diversified as possible from the point of view of geographical origin.


The main intent is to invite the director of each film in competition to accompany the film, participating in the screening during the festival and holding a meeting with the public and the jury that will follow each screening. This dissemination activity, in addition to enriching the experience for the user, will contribute to making each festival screening unique.


Through the 30_____70 DOC FEST award, the festival will actively contribute to the distribution process of the winning film. After being seen by the festival audience, the film will be distributed in 10 cinemas throughout Italy.


Three jurors will be called to evaluate the winning film. The festival will therefore be an opportunity to bring three national and international personalities from the world of cinema, journalism and art to Vittorio Veneto. Each juror will be the protagonist of a meeting with the public and a special screening will be dedicated to the juror. His or her screening will follow the award ceremony.

The 3 jurors will be chosen on the basis of their prestige and possible relevance to the field of investigation of the festival. In this sense, figures such as directors, festival directors, programmer and journalists known internationally will be privileged. The figure of the juror will be identified not only to be an evaluator of the works in competition but also to activate a mentoring role towards the young directors on site.


Thanks to a thought-through selection, each film, in addition to enriching the festival’s offer, will be able to activate a different audience. Each film is a real story that tells strong current issues that interest curious and diverse audiences.


The evening programming will also be accompanied by a daytime program designed for high schools. In addition to contributing to bringing younger audiences closer to the cinema, the film offer of the festival will also become an educational tool that the schools of the Vittorio Veneto region will benefit from. Through the documentary cinema proposed by 30____70 DOC FEST students will be able to learn about cultures, stories and ideas from all over the world.